Micaela Meyer has always had an appreciation for men’s bespoke tailoring, admiring the emphasis given to craftsmanship and quality.

Inspired by a beautiful men's shirt she found in an antique shop in London, Micaela sought to create the perfect shirtdress for women with the same attention to detail given to a bespoke shirt. The result was a line of shirtdresses that are tailored in look and incredibly soft in feel, cut from the finest fabrics and produced in the U.S.A.

The line continues to evolve from the original inspiration serving the broader needs of today's woman. Each piece is made to last, transcending trends and seasons. Every detail is essential, every stitch has a purpose.




Raised in London, England, the home of fine tailoring, Micaela Meyer's love for shirting began at an early age. She quickly developed an appreciation for elegantly made garments as the recipient of her father's worn-through bespoke shirts, monogramed with his initials, which were also her own. That early experience of luxurious fabrics in simple, structured silhouettes influenced her own style as well as her approach to design. 

After graduating from university, Micaela lived in London and New York, working in the fashion industry before launching her own line in 2015.

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